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The Beginning Investor's Blog is a real estate business plan for birddogs to follow.

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Have you ever wanted an education in beginning real estate investing?

Real Estate Blogs:

What are they and how can they help real estate investors

This site contains a definition and useful information from top real estate blogs for both the beginning real estate investor and the seasoned investor.

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What are they and how can they help real estate investors"

Real Estate Investment Clubs

Information about how real estate investment clubs work, tips for joining, lists of local and nationwide investment clubs, and how to start your own real estate investment club.

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First Time Home Buyer Program

This first time home buyer program prepares and teaches first time home buyers about the home buying process. The home buying process is presented in an easy to understand manner.

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A forsalebyowner interested in saving thousands of dollars will find a search feature for listing their property, a seller’s FAQ, tips and additional seller’s resource tools on this site

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How to Buy Foreclosure

How to buy foreclosure and pre-foreclosures. Resources and links for foreclosure law, foreclosure listing, foreclosure auction national directory of auctioneers, and foreclosure prevention resources

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Investing in Rental Properties

This site, investing in rental properties, provides the potential landlord tenant information about property care, timely payments, property management, and landlord forms.

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Rent to Own Homes

Rent to own homes comparison of commonly use terms, benefits, rent vs. buy information and myths using calculators, charts, graphs and searches. A free Lease to Purchase Option Agreement is available.

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Mortgage Notes can be Sold and Bought

This page contains guidelines and manuals for buying mortgage notes, a definition of notes, different types of notes being bought and sold, where to find notes, plus access to free online quotes.

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Landlord Forms

A sample free rental agreement and other free landlord forms, plus landlord tenant law information from various websites. Also some listed advantages, disadvantage, and options for you as a landlord.

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Foreclosure Prevention

Nationwide foreclosure prevention resources: Foreclosure laws, refinance options, redemption period, foreclosure rescue scams, foreclosure educational articles, and online prevention analysis.

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An Investor’s Filing Bankruptcy Resource for a Distressed Property Owner

A filing bankruptcy resource for investors and distressed property owners on how, where, cost, and access to a bankruptcy lawyer directory all on one web page.

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Beginner Investing Basics for New Real Estate Investors

This site contains beginner investing real estate tools needed to make deals come to a real estate investor in addition to finding deals to go after.

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Property Management Software

This property management software is simple and easy to use. Landlords and property managers will save money instantly and make tax time a breeze with one click.

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Beginning Real Estate Investing Education for the Beginner Investor

Beginning real estate investing birddogging tools, and information for locating or finding properties and homeowners, flipping houses, and a first time home buyer program

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Investing in Real Estate Opportunities in Today's Market

Would you like to start investing in real estate opportunities? Are you eyeing the empty houses in your community? Do you see opportunity in every foreclosure sign or empty lot of land?

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Brains No More Brawns!!

After high school I was always interested in real estate, but of course there were many people who said there wasn’t any money in real estate; so I bypassed

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Real Estate Investing FAQ

Real estate investing faq offers you answers to frequently asked questions in beginning real estate investing. Questions that you want to know the answers to, or where to find answers

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Bird Dogging: Beginning Real Estate Investing

Bird dogging gives you an education in no money real estate investing. Beginners are giving many investing real estate opportunities with this real estate investment primer.

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real estate business plan

A site map real estate business plan for Bird Dogs, and anyone interested in real estate investing. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and for sale by owners can solve their problems here.

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Investment Properties

The investment properties on this page are available for birddogs, landlords, investors, first time home buyers, renters, and note buyers.

Wholesale and investment properties are available for birddogs just starting out in real estate trying to find potential deals that will help jump start them into real estate.

Landlords will find additional properties they can purchase to rent out or they can use this listing to sell the properties they currently own.

Investors who buy and sell real estate will find properties well below market value and have the opportunity to list their own deals which will be seen by thousands of investors nationwide.

First time home buyers looking to purchase their first home will have the advantage of some properties with owner financing and other properties using private lenders despite credit challenges they are facing.

Also renters currently looking to become home owners by renting with the option to buy will also find properties to satisfy their needs as well as note buyers looking to purchase or sell notes across the United States.

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Wholesale and Investment Properties

The wholesale and investment properties on this page are available for birddogs, landlords, investors,first time home buyers, renters, and note buyers.

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Fixer Upper Houses Guide for Bird Dogging Ugly Houses

This fixer upper houses Birddogging Guide tells you the type and characteristics of where, how, and what to look for when searching for ugly houses.

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