Real Estate Investment Clubs

Here you will find information about how real estate investment clubs work, tips for joining, lists of local and nationwide clubs, and how to start your own club.

The meetings contain pools of information and many different people that can help you. The procedure is very simple. You find out where the meeting is being held, you walk in, sign the guest list, pay a nominal fee, find a seat and wait for the guest speaker to present on the topic of the day. Some fees may include lunch, dinner, or breakfast depending on the time of the meeting.

Consequently, meeting fees may vary, but regardless of the location, time or cost, there is an unlimited amount of available resources at your fingertips. Take the time to talk to as many people as you can so you can determine who can best help you with your real estate investing and who can benefit the most from your service or someone you know if you are just starting out in real estate investment.

Of course if you are a, bird dog, just starting out in real estate investment, then you will want to focus your attention on finding investors who are looking for people interested in locating properties for other investors. Usually just about every investor is always interested in finding another good deal-especially if someone else finds it for them. Investors will be more than happy to compensate you for your efforts. Bird dogging fees vary but mostly depend on the closing of the property and the amount and status of the information and property given to the investor.

While networking at the meeting, ask a lot of questions and you will quickly find out who is really interested in helping other people. Yes, your main objective should be to network in addition to learning more about the topic of the day. Here is a phrase that will remind you of the importance of networking- The size of your network will determine your net worth.

Real Estate investment clubs can be found all over the world. Some have seminars online and/or at a physical location. Each club has their own objectives and format. Find a club that interest you and visit or join. Once you have enough experience you could possible start your own club.

Don’t forget to pick up any literature on the resource table in addition to getting a business card from everyone you meet. Listed below are some links to information about how they work, tips for joining, a list of local and nationwide clubs, and how to start your own club.

How Real Estate Investment Clubs Work

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Tips for Joining Investment Clubs

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Listings of Investment Clubs

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Starting an Investment Club

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Helpful Resources

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Real Estate Investment Clubs

Real Estate Business Plan (Site Map)

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