Real Estate Blogs:
What are they
how can they help
a real estate investor?

What are they?

Real estate blogs focus on topics of real estate and according to Wikipedia , blogs are dated online written communication on various topics of any subject.  That's why real estate related topics are usually posted periodically-daily, weekly, or whatever time period is convenient for the individual making the entries. The entry is usually written by an individual. The entry may consist of a series of articles collected by or written by the individual making the post. Thus making the information more personal and likely more interesting and useful for others interested in real estate.

As I searched many blogs on the internet, I visited a website that contained 50 of the top real estate investment blogs , The blogs are randomly listed below and are not in any special order.

1.       1-2-3 Flip

2.       Afford Anything

3.        Bawld Guy

4.       The Real Estate Guys

5.       Black Belt Investors

6.       Clever Investor (Currently Unavailable)

7.       CT Homes

8.       Dean Graziosi

9.       Do Hard Money

10.   Don R. Campbell

11.   Epic Real Estate

12.   Flip This Wholesaler

13.   Fortune Builders

14.   Green Real Estate Investing News

15.   Hipster Investments

16.   House Flipping School

17.   How to Buy USA Real Estate

18.   Investing Now Network



21.   Jennifer Buys Houses

22.   Just Ask Ben Why

23.   KC Investment Property

24.   Learn Reinvesting

25.   Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

26.   Memphis Invest

27.   Mobile Home Investing

28.   Mr. Hamilton

29.   Must Know Investing

30.   Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

31.   Real Data

32.   Real Estate in Your Twenties

33.   Real Estate Investing Mastery

34.   RealCrowd


36.   Realty Mogul

37.   REIClub

38.   REI Tips

39.   REI Wealth Monthly

40.   REtipster

41.   Rock Star Inner Circle

42.   Struggling Investor

43.   The Blog of Joe Crump

44.   The Boston Investor

45.   The Investor Insights

46.    BiggerPockets

47.   The Southern Investor

48.   Wealth Steps

49.   Jacob Grant Property Management

50.   Norada Real Estate Investing:

100 Blog Posting Ideas

This site is a blog that provides Internet marketing tips and ideas to help you get the most out of your real estate blog.

Starting a Blog

This site tells you how to create one and make money.

Top 10 Blog Builders

This site list the top 10 Blog Builders

Active Rain Real Estate Network

Activerain was the next blog I visited. This blog contains a social real estate network of over 175,000 real estate professionals. Home buying, home selling, home improvement, mortgage/finance, real estate investing, real estate market, blogs, plus other related real estate resources are available.

Joining the community on this social network will provide you the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals that can assist you with your real estate objectives. This site contains more information than just a blog; it’s a network of individuals interested in real estate. There is both a free and paid membership at Active Rain.

Additional Real Estate Blogs

Beginning Real Estate Investing Blog

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