Property Management Software

This easy to use property management software is simple to use. The easy navigation allows a non-savvy computer person to enter, to change, and to delete entries without spending hours and hours of time reading or watching videos to learn the system. Landlords and property managers will love this because they can be up and running within seconds! This quick and easy to use system will allow landlords and property managers one less thing to worry about because the system can be delegated to someone else in the office and you can still receive accurate and timely information concerning the properties you are managing.

If necessary, you can schedule a demonstration of the software, where you will have the features shared with you by a human person.  After you have seen a demo or played around with the system yourself, you will be able to start organizing your property information, and creating reports within a short period of time. The information on these reports will contain detailed information about your income and expenses for each property you are managing.

These income and expense reports can be customized to your clients specification with a few simple clicks. Having access to these reports will save you time and money. They will be particularly useful during tax season because all your deductions will already be organized.  This software is easier than spreadsheets and financial software. There are no formulas or complicated steps to follow in order for this system to work.

. One of the features that is absolutely amazing is the online rent payment. What does this online rent payment feature mean to you?  

                No more paper checks

                No more trips to the bank-Rent deposited directly to your account!

                Secure rent Collection using the latest Internet Security Protocols and

                No more late payments

Here is an additional property management resource:

Property Management Kit For Dummies

Property Management made EASY with Property Management Software, Property Management Companies, Forms, and Pay Rent Online!

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