Real Estate Investing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Topic: Beginning Investors Tools,

Real Estate Investing FAQ #1: What tools do I need to get started?
To find the tools a beginner investor needs to have to get started go to
FAQ #2: Are there any calculator and tools on the internet that I could use?
Yes, a useful house buying calculator can be found at www. and a list of needed tools can be found at

FAQ Topic: Birddogging

FAQ #3: What’s birddogging in real estate investing?
Birddogging is a term used for beginning real estate investors. For more Birddogging information go to
FAQ #4: Is there information or a beginner real estate investor birddogging class?
Yes, the information for a beginning real estate investing birddog can also be found at

Real Estate Investing FAQ Topic: Education in Beginning Real Estate Investing

FAQ #5: Where can I go to start learning about real estate?
To start learning about real estate go to

FAQ Topic: First Time Home Buyer Program

FAQ #6: How can I save thousands of dollars on a house purchase?
Watch the following video to learn how you can save thousands of dollars on a house purchase .
FAQ #7: How can I buy a house?
Watch the following video to learn how to buy a house.
FAQ #8: Are there any programs that assist to buy your own home?
To learn about a program that will assist you in buying your own home go to
FAQ #9: Do first time home owners need 20% down? Most first time home owner programs do not require 20% down.
For more information about first time home buyer programs visit the first time home buyer program webpage on this site

FAQ Topic: Fixer Upper Homes

FAQ #10: How can I find fixer upper distress homes?
To learn how to find fixer upper distress homes go to .
FAQ #11: Where can I find money to buy a fixer-upper?
If you plan on living in the house and this is your first home, try a first time home buyer program in your area. Also using a private lender may also be useful.
FAQ #12: What do you need to talk about to fixer upper property owners?
To find what you need to talk about to fixer upper property owners go to for information about determinning home value.

FAQ Topic: Flipping Real Estate

FAQ #13: Where can I find information about beginning house flipping?
Beginning house flipping information can be located by visiting
FAQ #14: What exit plan can I use for flipping properties?
To find more information about exit strategies for flipping properties go to

FAQ Topic: Locating Home Owners

FAQ #15: How do I find the owner of a house I am looking at?
To find the owner of a house go to

Real Estate Investing FAQ Topic: Property Value

FAQ #16: How do I determine an estimated value of a home?
To determine the estimated value of a home go to
FAQ #17: Is there a way I can get an eppraisal (online estimated property appraisal)?
To find an online estimate property value go to , , , ,or for all home value results from,,, and together on one page.

Real Estate Investing FAQ Topic: Private Lenders

FAQ #18: How can I get in touch with private lenders? Information about how to contact private lenders can be located by visiting
FAQ #19: How can I earn more interest as a private lender? Real estate investors are always looking for private lenders. For more Information about how a private lender can start earning more interest visit

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