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This Free landlord forms website includes a free sample rental agreement, a property management resource, plus landlord tenant law information from various websites. There is also some listed advantages, disadvantage, and options for you as a landlord. If you want to know where you can find some free forms on the Internet, then this is the site for you.

The following forms and Information are available on this site:

Free Rental Agreement or Free Lease Agreement
Rental Applications
Check in/out sheet
Over Due Rent Notice
Declination Letter
Landlord Form Notice to Vacate
Letter to Tenant regarding Security Deposit
Lease Renewal Agreement
Landlord Tenants Act
Tenant Screening Service

Property Management Kit For Dummies

Becoming a Landlord
Advantages of Being a Landlord

• Someone else is providing you with the money to pay your mortgage
• You get to write off the interest payments on your taxes.
• You make a profit when the rental payment is more than your mortgage payment.
• Your property is viewed as an appreciating asset.
• Helping a family when they need a place to rent

Disadvantages of Being a Landlord

• Your tenants may make their payments after the due date
• Unnecessary cost from tenants who may damage your property
• Having to use the court system because a tenants may stay or leave owing you money.
• You may have to make a payment because the unit is empty while preparing for the next tenant
• Telling someone they did not quality for your unit, or hearing sob stories from tenants.

Options for you as a Landlord

• Use section 8 for guaranteed monthly income.
• Lease with the option to buy tends to find a better quality tenant because the house will become theirs in the near future.
• Instead of renting sell the property using owner financing which can help you receive a higher monthly income without being responsible for the repairs.
• If needed, the bank will lend you money using your property as collateral if you qualify.
• Use a screening service for putting tenants into your property and for putting tenants out of your property.

Landlord Forms
Free Rental Agreement
(Free Lease agreement)

A document explaining the relationship and expectations between the landlord and the tenant.

Free Rental Agreement #1 (Free Trial)
Free Rental Agreement #2 (House Lease)
Free Rental Agreement #3 (Apartment Lease)
Free Rental Agreement #4
Free Rental Agreement #5 (Scroll Down Page)
Free Rental Agreement #6
Free Rental Agreement #7
Free Rental Agreement #8
Free Rental Agreement #9
Free Rental Agreement #10

Rental Applications:

A document for potential tenant’s information to be used to determined if they qualify to rent

Rental Application #1
Rental Application #2
Rental Application #3
Free Rental Application #4 (Scroll Down Page)

Check-in/out Sheet:

A document used to inspect the premises before and after the tenant leaves

Inspection Sheet

Overdue Rent Notice:

A document sent to the tenant when the rent is over due

Overdue Late Notice

Declination Letter:

A document stating the potential tenant has not been approval

Disapproved Letter

Landlord Notice to Vacate:

A document stating to the tenant that you want them to leave the premises

Vacate Notice #1
Vacate Notice #2

Letter to Tenant Regarding
Security Deposit

A document telling the tenant about their security deposit

Security Deposit Letter

Lease Renewal Agreement

A document to the tenant about the renewing of the lease
Lease Renewal

Landlord Tenant Information
Landlord Tenant Acts

Understanding the tenant’s rights and your role as a landlord is key to become a successful landlord. The uniform landlord tenant’s right act explains both the tenants and landlord’s rights.

Landlord Tenant Law

Tenant Screening Services

A service that will explore the potential tenant’s worthiness of renting from you.

Tenant Screening

Disclaimer:These sample landlord forms were found surfing the Internet and should not be consider legal advice. A real estate attorney should be consulted before using them.

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Property Management Kit For Dummies

Landlord Forms

Investing in Rental Properties

Real Estate Investing FAQ

Real Estate Investment Clubs

Real Estate Business Plan (Site Map)

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