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This site contains rent to own homes comparison of commonly use terms, benefits, rent vs. buy information and myths using calculators, charts, graphs searches, and a free Lease to Purchase Option Agreement.

 Definitions and Similar terms

Although rent to own, lease to own, lease option, and lease purchase are sometimes used interchangeably describing how a tenant will buy a home from the owner, but technically each have a slightly different meaning.

According to the Wikipedia web site , rent to own is an arrangement between the owner and renter where the renter will own a particular item at the end of the agreement. In the case of real estate, they will use accumulated money towards the down payment. The down payment will be for an agreed upon purchase price at the signing of the agreement or at the end of the agreement when the renter is ready to make the purchase.

Furthermore, the WIkipedia web site states lease option and lease purchase, are abbreviated terms of the more formal lease with the option to purchase. However, on the financial Web , The independent financial Portal, writes, a lease option is a lease with an added option, whereas a lease purchase is already a purchase waiting for the terms and conditions to be fulfilled.


Both buyer and seller have benefits when pursuing the lease option route. The difference between lease option and lease purchase benefits for the tenant/buyer, landlord/seller, investor, and/or realtor can be viewed by clicking here (opens in a new window). For additional articles, FAQ, strategies, tips for buyers, sellers, landlords, and agents, about lease option purchases click here.

Free Lease to Purchase Option Agreement

A free sample LEASE TO PURCHASE OPTION AGREEMENT may be viewed by clicking here and scrolling down the page when it opens in a new window. Remember to consult a real estate attorney for the particulars of your state. If you are interested in additional free landlord forms click here.


Looking for a home to rent with the option to buy, then use the house searches below to find one.
For rent to own home search #1 , plus financial help such as credit repair, click here

For home search #2 , plus an opportunity to advertise a property, click here.

For home search #3 , from a classified ads website with top ranking in the three major search engines click here.

Rent vs. Buy Calculators

Now that you have a better understanding of what lease with the option to buy, (rent to own homes), means, the question is should you buy instead of rent? Listed below are a few rent vs. buy calculators, graphs, charts, and renting myths information.
Comparision and calculation difference between renting a property and buying a home, click here.

Graph of the difference calculator, click here.
Seven year cost comparison chart with a calculator at the bottom of the page, click here.

Rent vs. Buy myths about home ownership, click here.

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