Finding Motivated Sellers

Motivated sellers, how do you determining which homeowners are motivated so you don’t waste a lot of time talking to homeowners who are not interested or ready to take action to solve their problem?

Motivate sellers are homeowners who have experienced death, divorce, job loss, job transfer, or a serious illness. Any one of the categories mentioned above is enough to propel a homeowner into foreclosure or bankruptcy.


When someone passes away and the homeowner inherits a piece of property, or the spouse passes away and the surviving spouse can no longer keep up the payments on the house. This person needs help with their situation, so they will be motivated to solve their problem. Hence you have found someone who is motivated.


When a couple no longer remains married and their divorce is final, and the person awarded the house is unable to keep up the payments or no longer wishes to stay in the property. This person needs help with their situation, so they will be motivated.

Job Loss

When a person is laid off from their job and has limited financial resources to maintain the mortgage payments for any extended period of time. This person needs help quick, so their situation makes them motivated.

Job Transfer

When a person is transferred to a new job site making commuting impractical, they have a problem. This person needs help because they will not be able to make two mortgage payments, so their situation makes them motivated.


When a person has a serious illness and does not have the money to pay their medical bills. This person needs help because their situation makes them motivated because they need money to pay the medical bill and/or the mortgage.

Therefore, motivated sellers are ready and willing to hear the options you have to solve their problem because they have a sense of urgency. If after talking to a homeowner and you determine they are not a motivated seller, move on to the next person. Do not spend your valuable time on people who are not motivated. Just wait, because they will become more motivate as time goes on. Also, make sure they have a way to contact you so when they are ready they will give you a call. Of course you can always call them back after some time has passed.

If you found a seller and their situation matches one of the categories above, enter the seller's contact information on the seller's application form below and we will contact them and give you a referral fee if we buy and settle on the house. Calculating values is the next step in this birddog process and other related articles are listed after the seller's application.

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