Locator's Guide
for Birddogs

This practical guide provides strategies for locating hard to find homeowners of vacant, boarded up, abandoned, ugly, fixer upper houses. At this stage of finding owners is where most birddogs have their first challenge. Here's how you find them now that you have the addresses.

Homeowners Overview

Finding the owners can be done by talking to neighbors, walking inside the property if it is accessible, looking on the tax assessment web site, or hiring a skip tracer.

Inside the Homeowners Property

On some occasions, you can go inside the unsecured property to see if there is any information inside that will lead to the where abouts of the owner. Only enter if it is unsecured to the point where anybody can just walk right in. Do not break into the property!

Outside Around the Homeowners Property

If you are unable to walk into the property then walk around the perimeter of the property to see if you can find some information about the owner laying on the ground. Whether you find anything or not, you still need to talk to the neighbors.

Talking to the Homeowners Neighbors

There is always one neighbor who knows everything that goes on in the neighborhood. Find that person and talk to them. As a matter of fact talk to everyone you can until you find the information you are looking for.

Tax Assessment Website

Another thing you can do to find the address of the owner is to look on the tax assessment website. Do a Google search by typing in the state or county where the property is located and you will find information about the property owner.

There is a possibility that the tax assessment website may not have current information about the owner. Just think, when was the last time you notified your taxing authority the last time you moved? Not very many people. In any case the information you receive from the tax assessment website will be a great starting place.

Internet Resources

You may want to do a reverse or criss-cross directory search on the Internet looking for owners. You can also visit whitepages.com, or go to phonenumber.com to search for your owner.

All of the Internet sites mentioned above can be very helpful and don't cost any extra money. Of course you can always hire a skip tracer if you are having trouble finding your owners. A skip tracer is someone who can provide you with the necessary information to help you find all of the owners you are looking for.


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