Bird Dogging Gives You
An Education In
No Money Real Estate Investing

Bird Dogging is a great way to start your real estate education.  It provides many real estate investing learning opportunities with little or no out of pocket money.  Beginning Bird dogs are sometimes called property scouts or house hunters usually have the following questions.

What is Bird Dogging?

Someone who is a beginning real estate investor. They locate properties for other investors and earn a finder's fee in the range of $250 - $5,000 per house. The finder's fee depends on the amount of work invested in obtaining the property. A fee will be received from the investor after the closing of the property. A fee will only be paid after closing. Investors close on houses every week or month depending on the amount of deals brought to the investor.

Who can become a Bird Dog?

Anyone interested in learning real estate investing or need some extra cash now can start. Even if you have no cash, credit, can't qualify for a loan, or don't even have a job, you can become successful.

When can an individual do Bird Dogging?

Anytime during their normal daily routine. While going to and coming from work is an excellent time because it won't cost you any extra time. However if you want to invest a little more time, you can devote some extra time both before or after work, or you can even spend a few minutes of your lunch time.

Where can someone do Bird Dogging?,

Anywhere you want to. You can start with your neighborhood, the area where you work, the area around your church, school, shopping mall, bank, the internet plus an unlimited number of other places you can go to.

Why would someone become a Bird Dog?

Because this is a very inexpensive way to start learning real estate investing.

No money is needed.
You earn while you learn.
Very little time required to do it.

How can I start?

Attend a real estate investing meeting in your area to introduce yourself and to find out who is buying and selling in your area, so you can start finding properties for those individuals or companies. Join the world largest real estate social network (<== Click Here!)  to network with other investors in and around your area, go to the next step from the real estate business plan on our website, subscribe to our newsletter, so we can send you free tips and techniques, and return to our site often.

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