Foreclosure Prevention
Ways to Stop Foreclosure

Here at this site you will find nationwide foreclosure prevention resources, foreclosure laws, refinance options, redemption period, foreclosure rescue scams, foreclosure educational articles, online prevention analysis, and foreclosure videos.

A home owner is usually facing some type of major change in their life that affects their ability to pay the mortgage, such as death of a spouse, divorce, job loss, or serious illness. Therefore, a homeowner facing foreclosure is a time to help that home owner and not kick them when they are down. Refer them to some type of service before it is too late. However, most homeowners almost always wait too late. If it’s too late for prevention then help them with ways to stop the foreclosure.

Remember, no homeowner is going to do business with anyone they don’t trust or like. Therefore, gaining their trust and confidence should be your top priority if you intend to be a canidate for the purchase of their home. Listed below are a few helpful resources.

Foreclosure Prevention

Link #1 Basics About Avoiding and Handling Foreclosures

Link #2 Foreclosure Prevention Options

Link #3 Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Video

Link #4 Foreclosure Programs

Some people have stopped foreclosure with a loan modification and some people have temporarly stopped foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy. However, every case is different but if the judge approves a bankruptcy then the owner must follow the courts recommendations; otherwise the property will go back to auction. Again find out what the owners real problem is and solve it. Until you solve their problem you will not be successful in helping the owner, hence you will not get a chance to purchase their property. Listed below are a few useful resources for ways to stop foreclosure.  .

Ways to Stop Foreclosure Resources

Link #1 Consumer Resources

Link #2 Stop Foreclosure Resources

Link #3 Fraud Foreclosure Defenses

Link #4 Foreclosure Help and Foreclosure Laws

Link #5: Stopping Foreclosure

Link #6: Stop Foreclosure Video

Link #7: Stop Home Foreclosure Educational Articles

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