Filing Bankruptcy Resource
for a Distressed Property Owner

This web page provides filing bankruptcy information that an investor can inform or refer a distressed property owner to avoid bankruptcy. Imagine a property owner having access to information and resources on how, where, cost, and access to a lawyer directory all on one web page. Not only would this information save time, but also quickly relieve some of the pressure the distressed property owner is facing.

Filing bankruptcy may be the last chance a distressed property owner may have for saving their home from a foreclosure auction. A distressed property owner does not have time to waste and is burdened with the thought of losing their home and being bankrupt. The bankruptcy information on this page could also help a distressed owner possible avoid bankruptcy.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy helps people start over fresh financially when they are unable to pay their bills. There is more than one form of bankruptcy. To gain a basic understanding of the different types and other related information, a series of bankruptcy videos have been provided below.

In addition to the basic bankruptcy video links below, you will also find a glossary of terms for the unfamiliar words you may come across during your bankruptcy research.


Definition of Bankruptcy Terms

Bankruptcy Videos

Types of Bankruptcy
Limits of Bankruptcy
Filing for Bankruptcy
Creditors' Meeting
Bankruptcy Crime
Court Hearing
The Discharge
Legal Assistance

Despite the complexity and seriousness of bankruptcy, it can be done with or without using a lawyer.

Finding a Lawyer:

Bankruptcy Lawyers can be found by visiting the Bankruptcy Lawyer and Attorney Directory. When you visit the directory, select the state you are interested in.

Filing Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

If you have decided to file bankruptcy yourself after talking to a lawyer and researching the topic, then click here for information about filing for bankruptcy.

Now that you have information about filing for bankruptcy, you need to know where to file.

Where to file

To find a bankruptcy court in your state, click on the court locator website below. Once you are on the court locator website, select bankruptcy court, then enter your zip code or the search type you are interested in, followed by clicking the search button. Nation Wide Bankruptcy Court Locator Website

Additional state laws and how it will affect you when filing for bankruptcy can be found by clicking here (Scroll down to the bottom of the site). Now that you have information about where to file, you need to know what to file.

What to file:

For a copy of the actual papers and forms that need to be filed, click the link below.
Official Bankruptcy Forms

Now for some information about the cost to file.

Cost to file:

Filing fees vary from $240 to $1000 or more depending on the area, attorney, and in some cases the amount of debt. For more information about filing fees click the link below.
Filing Bankruptcy Fees

This web page provided information and resources for someone interested in filing bankruptcy with or without a lawyer. For additional information and articles click on the Q & A and related articles link below.
Filing Bankruptcy Q & A and more articles

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